Parking Enforcement 

Private parking facilities can be abused by motorists who may choose to ignore parking restrictions. If this persists, it can prove to be a nuisance and hindrance to your business. At MCPS we recognise each client as an individual and to that effect we will custom design a parking control solution to suit you and your business needs.

You may opt for one of our enforcement options. 

Wheel Clamping

Wheel clamping has proved over the years to be the most effective deterrent to eliminate unauthorised parking when used in the correct manner.

At MCPS we recommend the use of wheel clamping for two reasons, firstly when an immediate impact is required and secondly when dealing with repeat and constant offenders who simply choose to ignore the parking restrictions.

Clients notice a positive drop in this offence once Wheel Clamping is introduced.

Car Wheel Clamping Conditions

Any vehicle not complying with the Agreement of Terms specification will be liable for Wheel Clamping.

Clamping Procedure

When an unauthorised vehicle is clamped, a notice is affixed to the windscreen of the offending vehicle, explaining to the driver:

  • Why the vehicle has been clamped
  • That the owner/driver should not attempt to move the vehicle or tamper with the wheel clamp
  • The procedure for getting the clamp released via a stated phone number
  • Method of Payment – all major credit/debit cards and Laser are accepted

The vehicle will only be released on full payment of the fine.

All clamped vehicles will be photographed using digital camera as this will prevent disputes and avoid claims being made against us. All Photographs will be dated and timed.

Process of payment and de-clamping will be recorded on Van CCTV system.

We strive to ensure the offenders are treated professionally and fairly (we have an Appeals & Complaints Procedure).

Removal Conditions

Tow away is only used under the following circumstances; when a vehicle is blocking a fire exit or a right of way, vehicles which have been abandoned or vehicles parked in disabled drivers parking bay.

Any clamped vehicle that has been standing according to the guidelines of the Agreement of Terms will be liable for removal.

Removal Procedure

  • The offending vehicle is removed to a safe compound and will be stored until release
  • The driver/owner will find a 24hr mobile contact number displayed on all site signage
  • The vehicle will only be released on full payment of the fine

Please note: Despite payment the vehicle will only be released to the proven vehicle’s owner.

If your car park is often abused by illegally parked vehicles, this method will help you to solve your problem.

For more information, please contact us.